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Top 8 benefits of studying in Regional Australia


Many benefits are in store for international students studying in Regional Australia. You can obtain additional 5 points for Permanent Residency, pursue courses that lead to employment, scholarships, etc.

Unlike metropolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, the cost of education and cost of living in regional areas are lower. Even with the exponential rise in student numbers, there are fewer chances of students enrolling in several universities in the big cities of Australia.

When it comes to regional areas, the main cities are Adelaide, Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong, Lake Macquarie, Geelong, Illawarra, and Hobart. Besides, the benefits of studying in Regional Australia are manifold.

Australian Regional Area study Benefits

1. Additional year for Post Study Work Visa applicants:

After graduation from a regional area university, an international student can get full-time work rights for an additional year on a post-study work visa.

2. Courses that lead to employment:

Think how study in Australia can be fruitful. Make the best use of popular courses that hold relevance to local professions. Many institutes and universities in regional areas offer the courses. For instance, you can take up Marine Biology in New South Wales or take up winemaking degree courses in Adelaide. In addition, medical and dental schools train overseas students before seeking employment in regional areas.

3. Small classes:

The smaller the class size, the better it helps to learn in regional Australian universities. You avail the best personal tutoring from expert faculty.

4. Affordable living costs:

You have to shell more money if you live in a big city. But not in the countrysides and smaller towns where living costs are not high.

5. Scholarships:

When it comes to scholarship, Destination Australia is the one you should prefer. AUD 15,000 scholarship is for international students who enrolled in different regional area universities. It supports those students who are studying Certificate IV to Doctoral level courses. Besides, universities offer scholarships to international students.

6. Improve migration options:

Earn brownie points in regional areas if you are an international student. You can work and settle in Australia. As per the Department of Home Affairs, Australia, you will be granted 5 points for Australian permanent residency if you live and study in the designated areas.

7. Relaxed Lifestyle:

Unlike crowded cities, regional areas in Australia are quiet and offer a relaxed lifestyle to many people. These areas are not backward, but you can avail both entertainment and healthcare facilities. In a way, the pace of life is slow compared to metropolitan cities. Besides, the population size is smaller and makes you feel in a close-knit environment.

8. Get an opportunity to explore the island nation:

Spend time visiting the natural wonders of Australia. The country is known for its sandy beaches, magnificent deserts, mountains, and reefs. You will not find such tourist places of attraction in other parts of the world. The good thing about campuses of the regional university is that they are closer to the number of natural wonders. If you are a student, you can access these exotic locations with ease.

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